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We provide various types of excavating services including site work, trenching, land clearing and more. If your project requires excavating, give us a call for a free quote and consultation.



From sheds to poll buildings to flower boxes. No project too big, no project too small.  We'd love help build your next construction project.  Give us a call!


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be used to stabilize a slope, protect planted areas from erosion, conceal building foundations and more. They can also add beauty to your home or landscape.  Don't take on your retaining wall project alone.  Call Jerulle Construction, LLC.


Sand & Gravel

Need more than just a few bags of sand or gravel? Whether you just need a few yards of sand for your beach or several yards for a base to your concrete slab, we can haul in as many loads as you need and grade it and tamp it if necessary.


Stump Removal

Whether you need one tree removed from a tight space near a home, building or powerline, or if you need a hundred trees and stumps cleared from an acre of land, Jerulle Construction, LLC has you covered.


Land Grading

Jerulle Construction, LLC is fully equipped to handle your land clearing and grading needs.  Tree clearing, land leveling, earth moving, bulldozing and backhoe services. We do it all.


Land Scaping

Need assistance with a landscaping project?  No matter what outdoor project you need completed, we can help. Patios, pavers, fire pits, trees and shrubs. We do it all.



Don't waste time and money and with messy and complicated demolition projects.  Jerulle Construction, LLC has the tools and experience to remove unwanted buildings, concrete and other materials quickly and easily. Call today for a free quote.


Concrete Work

Replace your gravel driveway with a new concrete driveway.  Fix that bump into your garage with a new concrete apron.  Enjoy the summer on a new concrete patio.  From large slabs to small sidewalks, Jerulle Construction, LLC has your concrete projects covered.  


Other Services

Don't see the service you need on this list?  Call Mike at 218-969-4506.  We handle almost any type of miscellaneous construction-type work.  


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